In music, space is very important. The underlying beat can be implied. The space between notes and phrases is as important as the notes themselves. Modern hip hop has a lot of musical space. In the 80s the mixes tended to be thick with no space. It was a wall of sound.

I've been thinking about the spaces between vol events and their distributions. They can be as important as the moves the themselves because of timing, leverage issues.

Peter Pinkhaven writes: 

Somewhat unrelated, but I think the study of changing cycles and tastes is important.

Pre 2005, most hip hop music was sampled. The mix had an aesthetic and sonic ambiance that was very hard to emulate from scratch in modern digital studios– as most records that producers sampled from were originally cut to tape through dozens of vintage analog mixing desks and compressors, before being cut to vinyl. Producers would record open spaces of sound into these into 12-bit or 16-bit samplers and then loop them. They would go to find a drum break — some common ones are Skulls Snap's its a new day, California Soul, Led Zeppelin's When the Levee Breaks.

Creativity came from a lack of technological ability to manipulate the sound. These samplers could only hold 12-60 seconds of sampling time. In order to get bass lines, you had to cut a kick drum note into the first sine wave, loop it and what you would get is a long buzz. EQ filter the high end of this buzz and pitch it down 12 octaves, you had the authentic sound of golden era hip hop bass.

As computers started to enter the modern studio, these samplers were not seen as useful anymore. The limitations of them became a hindrance. Most sequencing starts and ends on the computer these days. Its not hard to replicate the vintage sonic sound anymore. These factors I think are what led to the open space Mr. Sogi was referencing to.


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