Here is a story I trust you will all find most useful and informative. I have not figured out how to game the Whole Foods Market system yet, but this story gives away some of the good tactics that work in most shopping cart checkout stores.

"How to Pick the Fastest Line at the Supermarket"

anonymous writes: 

There are similar tactics in the TSA security lines. Avoid lines with kids and old people and wheelchairs. Avoid lines with ladies with lots of bling. Best is to get TSA pre or priority or first class lines. One trick is to use a different gate portal. For example, the line at the end of the terminal in Honolulu had a handful vs an half hour line in the middle. Another trick is to go to the International Terminal and walk back to domestic. The lines at international are empty during mid day as many Intl flights come late at night. A good thing if you have time is to come very early for the flight and check in early. Even better is to ride a private jet. 


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