We Indians had a "schumpeter day in a decade" here in India on 1st September, with Mukesh Ambani of reliance announcing that the voice call on Jio (to be launched telecom operations of reliance industries) will be charged at zero.

I remember my employer provided mobile phones back in '97 charging at 33 INR per minute (1.2 USD at those days) for voice call.

Now that it is at zero INR, but charged at 50 INR (or 0.75 us cents) per GB.

Roughly 6 mb per minute, it's around 2.5 /3 hours of voice call over Jio internet per 75 cents.

With all that background I'm open to accept bets at 1in2.

"By 2026 the data downloads will be charged at zero cents but apps using them".

P.S. India is eagerly awaiting an alcoholic beverage launch by Mukesh Ambani called Pio (drink in hindi).


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