Omgoodness 10 year projections! A joke.

Stephan, Ralph and all are correct about old Henry.

He gave 5 bucks simply to keep labor.

Our awful history books praise the 5$ yet neglect the labor strikes on later wage demands. Not sure if it's true that Mrs Ford ended that. What is certainly true is Ford inc was a total cluster @#$@ post WWII and the intel boys had to make order of the books.

Chrysler was a cluster in the BK as Iococca asked the accounting department their projection for the year. Apparently no one knew the math.

I want a Tesla! Enough said by the spec list car guy.

Engineers are always terrified by something. That's why they are working in engineering, certainty.

There is no certainty in the future of hybrid, batteries or hydrogen powered carz.

They all work, but at what cost/demand at offer prices. All traders know this. Always watch Toyota. T

hey go with certain bets before they sell fleet.


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