I wonder if listening to music that you listened to in the past during times of success would be beneficial to performance.

1. "Mamma Mia! listening to Mozart lowers blood pressure…but ABBA has no impact"

"It has been known for centuries that music has an effect on human beings. In antiquity, music was used to improve performance in athletes during the Olympic Games," said Lead author Hans-Joachim Trappe, of Ruhr University, Germany."

2. "Study Finds Brain Hub That Links Music, Memory And Emotion"

"What seems to happen is that a piece of familiar music serves as a soundtrack for a mental movie that starts playing in our head. It calls back memories of a particular person or place, and you might all of a sudden see that person's face in your mind's eye," Janata said. "Now we can see the association between those two things – the music and the memories." 


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