Release, from Sushil Kedia

June 23, 2016 |

Release is a word I understood in a totally unique manner through the writings of Vic on the lists through the last decade.

Pent up emotions, that reach the bottled up state gradually over time, get released as any event that is scheduled to happen comes by.

For events that are unscheduled and happen suddenly emotions get pent up very quickly in the first place and then dissipate.

Whatever category of events we are inspecting, whether scheduled to happen or sudden, emotions are pent up and released.

Rational minds, systems, approaches, styles will focus on this process and aim to benefit from it and strive to be not part of this process. That's what perhaps the Reflexivist means when he says markets reward for playing the unexpected. He hasn't likely meant that the winner doesn't expect or speculate buy likely that the winning hands usually play the underdog.

At a scheduled event that has fear as theme puts are already expensive and when greed is around calls are already expensive. Do butterflies work well at the release moment of a scheduled event? When there are many butterflies in bellies, sell the butterflies?

For the surprise event types not talking here about how to handle existing position but leaning on Vic's favoured phrase of how a good trader has many rabbit holes should one be chinking the mind Into separate halves : the survivor and the opportunist working simultaneously? Find the rabbit holes for fastest risk control and simultaneously work on fading the pent up emotion when it arrives to play for the release ?


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