Here are some food caching strategies from squirrels. It wouldn't be easy to earn a meal off of one of these guys.

"After hoarding food items, animals begin to protect their resources from pilfering by patrolling the caches. First, animals move around the caching areas and check whether the cached food items are safe. However, animals generally change their behavior after they experienced pilfering. Of particular use in this study is an interesting deceptive behavior observed in the food protection strategy of certain squirrels."

"However, if potential competitors are present nearby, tree squirrels visit several empty cache locations. This deceptive behavior attempts to confuse competitors about the food's location, so that they can protect against the loss of their hoarded food. After the potential competitors leave the territory, the tree squirrels move the location of their stored food items, if pilfering occurs."


"Where audience members are attentive to a cache event, it pays for individuals to alter their behaviour to reduce the risk of theft and/or a competitive interaction. One of the ways a number of different species have been shown to do this is through re-caching, when individuals move a food item from one site to another (Emery et al. 2004; Zhang et al. 2014b)."





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