Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) — Scott Davies, a principal in Harrington Park, New Jersey, slept on the roof of his school after students there read 10,000 books, the Hackensack Record reported.

Davies promised to spend a night on the roof if children at the school for grades kindergarten through 8, read 10,000 books, the newspaper reported. Davies told the Record he had expected the children to meet the challenge in warmer weather.

Sam Humbert comments:

Life imitates art. This idea — wacky stunts by the Principal if the students achieve a goal — was probably inspired by Dan Gutman's popular Weird School series of chapter-books.

Principal Klutz was hanging upside down from the school flagpole! He kissed a pig on the lips! He painted his bald head orange! And now he wants to bungee-jump off the roof of the school, dressed like Santa Claus!


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