I'm getting an electric bike. It's like this one, except with a belt drive and the Nuvinci N360 Harmony continuously variable transmission. It's an automatic shifter with infinite gears allowing a steady pace for different speeds and hills. The motor has a Lithium rechargeable battery with a 25 mile range. The main reason is to get up the mountain I live on which has prevented practical bike use before.

I'm learning a lot about batteries and will move to an electric car soon. The Chevy Volt looks good. In June I will be electric biking in Italy and Spain. Europe is way ahead in ebike use, as 15% of all bikes sold there are now ebikes. Bike use in Europe is much more prevalent than in the US. 99% of my daily transportation needs are under 20 miles.

I was surprised to hear that NYC outlawed electric bikes. I can understand the conflict with pedestrians and cars and know how aggressive NYC bike riders are. But it's a regressive plan.

I think Carder will agree with that Batteries are the wave of future for power and energy. Tesla and Musk will be changing the market for batteries soon. TSLA will be interesting to follow.


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