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The issue regarding the source of macroeconomic interest (and profits) appears to be unsettled among economists. A free paper on this issue, entitled “What is the Source of Profit and Interest? A Classical Conundrum Reconsidered,” by Gunnar Tomasson and Dirk J. Bezemer, dated January 29, 2010, and posted March 11, 2010, can be found online at . Personally, although I have not exhaustively researched this issue or economists’ attempts to address it, of the explanations I have studied, I believe that the monetary-circuit approach of Professor Louis-Philippe Rochon most plausibly resolves the conundrum by considering that, in firms’ investment cycles, a cash outflow required for the purchase of capital goods and financed by long-term bank loans occurs in the first period of production in the investment cycle while long-term bank loans may be paid back over multiple periods of production until the end of the investment cycle.

For a “philosophical take” on this issue, please see my topic entitled “Anti-Realism and Macroeconomic Profits/Interest,” posted April 8, 2016, on the “Philosophy Now” website, . The topic can be found under the “General Philosophical Discussion” in the “Philosophy Now” Forum on that website. In the topic, I question objective reality in a manner similar to anti-realism due to the fact that economists still have not settled the issue of where money for macroeconomic interest (and profits) comes from.


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