Hinahina, also known as Spanish Moss, is an epiphyte and lives off the air and water. It does not have roots in the ground. Orchids can also live off air and water, and their roots do not have to be in the dirt to get their nutrients. Chair looks at trees and their root and leaf systems for ideas. It's a completely different system, but it works well.

I've been looking at electric bikes and there are some nice ones ready to go, but there are many designs that are vapor ware. They don't really exist except in concept. Some appeal to kickstarter crowd funding or vc to get capital needed to execute the ideas.

Looking back during the dot com bubble, many companies were vaporware, had no earnings, just air. But for a while they exploded. A few, such as Amazon, grew into big businesses with solid roots, bricks and support structures.

Epiphytes, such as orchids, are the some of the most prolific and widespread organism on the planet. In the business world, innovation, invention and new ideas spread on vapor. Some software ideas, things like texting, email, Twitter, Facebook are pure vapor, yet can become widespread, powerful business forces.


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