A very reliable model of mine is the sign “CLOSED” on a store’s door.  It invariably means the store is closed.  But I was just given an example that a slight change in circumstances can render it totally off the mark. 

There’s this corner candy store near me that sells graham crackers smothered in dark chocolate.  I allow myself one a day at the end of lunch and thoroughly enjoy the event. 

So I drive up to the store at 1 PM on Monday and the CLOSED sign is hanging on the front door.  It’s one of those simple ones that says WE’RE OPEN on the obverse.  Elsewhere the hours are posted as 12 – 8 Monday thru Saturday.  But I move on.  Same thing happens on Tuesday. 

Today (Wednesday) finds the CLOSED sign still in place.  Despite what my model tells me, I try the door and find it unlocked and ask loudly if they are open.  A guy substituting for the owner Carol welcomes me and handles my weekly purchase.  And I learn that he had no idea about the simple sign on the door that had been chasing away all customers for the last three days. The owner is recuperating from surgery and the guy never noticed the simple sign.  Another O-Ring example in which a small item has disastrous consequences. 

Again we find that no model is perfect.





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