I cannot fail to remind all of the benefits of Spirulina, especially the well grown varieties — not all algae ponds are equal. It is a superfood that simply is more useful to the body than other volumes of food, and the brain gets the message by being less hungry. I find Atkins in addition to Spirulina beats the cravings while simply using the proteins and fats to turn the dials on the metabolism.

Charles Pennington writes:

The last thing that I did in my academic life, or rather the last thing that a very, very talented student in my lab, Luisa Ciobanu, did while I watched, was to obtain a magnetic resonance image (MRI) of a single cell of the algae Spirogyra, which is very similar to Spirulina. It's a plant cell shaped like a cylinder, with a diameter of about 40 micrometers. The "spiro" in the name is there because the cell has green chloroplasts that align in a spiral pathway along the inner cell wall. Dr. Ciobanu was able to resolve these chloroplasts (each just a few micrometers in diameter) piercing in and out of the image planes. The MRI images are on page 75 of our review article, and Dr. Peter Sengbusch has also made some pretty pictures using a regular optical microscope. It never occurred to me that it would be a good idea to eat these things!


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