I go fishing with my best friend. We start at night about 2 or 3 am. He has a fish finder and can see the fish. We fish for Opelu which is a small silver fish about 6 or 8 inches long to use for bait for bigger fish. We use a hand line on a spool. We hang a bright light over the side to attract the shrimp that the Opelu like to eat. On the end is a leader rigged with five or six different color hooks with small colored plastic skirts that imitate small shrimp or squid. There is a weight on the bottom. We drop the line down and jiggle the line. Almost immediately there are several sharp tugs on the line and the line is pulled in with several wiggling silver fish. Its great fun. The fish go into a tank in the bottom of the boat where they swim around while we head out to sea to fish aggregation buoys. The small fish are rigged, alive, to a big hook. The Mahimahi are large aggressive fish who love the opelu. Whatever we don't use for bait we can eat fried up and are very delicious. Mahi, however, is my favorite fish. When they strike, they jump high in the air spinning. When they come into the boat, they glow in rainbow iridescent colors.

When the market is taking a dive, I figure its going to drop to around its maximum recent range, and that is a safe depth to drop my line of hooks at different depths to try land some silver spus. Hopefully I don't catch a huge marlin or shark that takes me and my lures down into the deep dark depths. The goal is to pull them right up. Its funny that the lines on the charts look almost exactly like the readings on the fish finder. Its important to find the right depth.


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