Joe Stock is a IFGMA internationally certified alpine guide from Alaska and an all around great guy, full of energy and smiles. He has done some truly epic feats traveling though and across hundreds of miles of mountainous terrain on foot. He has a system to stay alive which addresses the human factors and the group dynamics.

He quotes Sarah Carpenter's system as an example.

1. Check the avalanche forecast every day.
2. Follow the weather.
3. Track avalanche activity.
4. Plan before you leave the house.
5. Be prepared.
6. Have an opinion.
7. Adjust your plan if conditions are different than you anticipated.
8. Report your observations.
9. Review your tour at the end of the day.

How appropriate such a list is for trading. Joe says: "test every slope before skiing". For traders, like Chair, it is advised to test your ideas before trading.

The main thing is to avoid the silly mistakes, which happen no matter how much you know or how careful you are. Probably one of the most important things I've ever learned since growing up is I can and will make mistakes. You need to mitigate that though, and give yourself the leeway to get out of a tight spot you'll eventually find your self in.


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