"Screw Motivation, What You Need is Discipline"

Gibbons Burke comments: 

Discipline involves putting off that which may bring immediate pleasure or gratification in order to do something else whose reward is less immediate and less tangible. It requires seeing the difference and valuing the difference between tactics vs. strategy. Being able to imagine a higher goal which goes beyond the immediate tangible reality of the present moment is a cognitive function which may not be evenly distributed in the population, and which may explain to some extent inequality of outcomes. It may also explain the instinctive willingness of those who cannot imagine the future to ally themselves with those who seem to have a firm grasp on "the vision thing".

Some have an internal discipline because they are confident of and guided by a clear vision of what can be done, what must be done, to achieve what is for many an intangible future outcome. Others do better when the discipline is imposed upon them from an external source, having no internalized vision. 





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