Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a nice knowledge of Sherlockiana in this novel about the young Mycroft in boxing, rowing, boating, and caring for his companion of color in the caribbean with a femme fatale waiting in the background. Except for the contrived heroism and prejudice of the person of color, and the contrived observations of Mycroft on character and cryptography, the book can be recommended. I don't believe we have fully considered the insights of Sherlock and Mycroft, as they relate to markets, and I'd be interested in your thoughts. Perhaps the least insights are those emanating from the spiritualism of Conan Doyle.

Adam Grimes writes:

Interesting topic and idea. I recently re-read A Study in Scarlet and there were a number of spots that jumped out as having pretty direct relevance to markets. I'm sure I'll misquote, but (roughly):

"They say genius is an infinite capacity for taking pain. It's not a good definition, but it does apply to detective work…"

Also "the world is full of obvious things which nobody, by any chance, ever observes"

It will be interesting to think about this topic in more depth, but the connections to market "detective work" seem to run strong.

Gary Rogan adds: 

"The dog that didn't bark" has got to be one of the most important concepts in understanding how things really work.


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