Apologies for my prolonged hiatus. I had a bereavement in December and sought refuge in the inspiration which has graced my life. I love still the noble art of trading, to which I have started to return, and there are structures in common which I use in each. However, just as in music, I doubt that the use of Fibonacci and Elliott are predictive; they can help in viewing what has happened after the event, or help a composer or painter in the process of construction.

Following my father's death, I worked through the musical and poetic ideas that came through me, leading to "The Spirit Free'd". This will be played tomorrow evening in London [last Saturday], and I would be happy to meet Specs who come. As a trader, I must point out there is a significant reduction in price to those who phone ahead of time for a ticket.

I designed this violin concerto to pass through the keys of D-(E)-A-D. What it means I do not know. My late father believed all his life in survival after death, and reincarnation. For my part, I have been true to the terror of mortality, my violin-soul ebbs away at the end in nothingness, offering no solace or religious message. Perhaps this existential view makes life the more poignant and beautiful. What really happens awaits us all, though my sequence is borne out by some NDE (near death experience) accounts.

There is an audio sim here.

The concert is at George the Martyr Church, in Borough, London, opposite Borough Tube Station, starting at 7.30. The soloist in my violin concerto is Godfrey Salmon. It is the second work on the program. The venue is near the Shard. For advance bookings ring 07765 147324 (this number not for the web please).

More info is at the Facebook event link.

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