Today's market (9/29/2015) reminded me of the scene in Princess Bride where the Sicilian is choosing the vial with the poison with the hero. The Sicilian is trying to double, triple or quadruple reverse out think the other guy. I know, that you know, that I know, so I will triple reverse out maneuver you.

Today the market is trying to out maneuver the FED so when the Consumer Confidence is higher, it means the FED knows the economy is not as weak as it thought so it makes it more likely to raise, which will affect the market, so we'll sell the market… but no, if the confidence and economy is strong then that's good, so we'll buy. Hence the quadruple pump.

After declaring his invincibility the Sicilian drinks the vial and promptly dies. The other guy had previously built up an immunity to the poision, and both vials had poison.


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