I like to go on adventures. I am a ski mountaineer, and I like to go out on the ocean. You make your plans. You are prepared and have contingency plans. You've picked good weather. You have the best equipment. You know what you are doing.

As you hike up into the unknown, where you've never gone before you don't know exactly what will happen or how it will go. That is part of the excitement. You hope everything will be okay, and it usually is. If things turn bad, you turn around. You always want to return home safe. If things are good, sometime you extend your trip, or go further or bigger.

A trade ventures into the unknown in the same way. You don't know exactly what is going to happen. You've entered at the right spot and the plan looks good, but you just don't know how it will unfold. Hopefully things go well and you succeed. Sometimes you have to turn around. The main thing is, you don't want to get killed.


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