Proprioception is one's capacity to grasp the relative positions of neighboring parts of the body, and the strength and effort being employed in the movement.

I used monkey bars, then horsehair mats, a physical board game called Twister, and finally sports.

You may also employ musical instruments.

You may foretell your career by the childhood instrument. Piano players make better tennis players, drummers step automatically into a helicopter's pilot seat, guitar players make the best martial artists (viz. Elvis), and the most interesting is the vertical space of the saxophone as in reading Chinese.

Close your eyes as you play for greater awareness into proprioception. Shift your body weight, and multi-task with another instrument such as a mouth harp.

Once, as an experiment, I spent a week where every waking moment was in motion, even while reading and eating.

Practicing proprioception improves balance, coordination, strength, weight transfer, quickness, and rhythm. As skill improves, more stimuli are added to continue improvement. As you type a letter, you may multi-task by lifting one foot at a time, and nodding your head.

Proprioception is movement intelligence, and should be started at the youngest possible age to improve one's lot in life.


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