I love Formula 1 Motor Racing.

I love the technical side, the global locations and, after several attendances at the Monaco Grand Prix, I admit to a love of being aboard the super yachts and the beautiful women.

This weekend sees the staging of the Grand Prix in Singapore. It is a very challenging street circuit against a spectacular backdrop.

The qualifying stages are interesting.

There are three stages–Q1, Q2 & Q3. Q1 has the full field of 20 cars, Q2 starts with the quickest 15 cars and Q3 with the top 10. The point of the whole thing is to set places on the starting grid.

It brings to mind relative performances of and rank consistency in markets. Considering groups of stocks within an index it may be worth considering relative performances and rank consistency in a similar way to F1 motor racing.

I could include all stocks for the first month, eliminate the weakest 5% at the end of month one, and then eliminate the worst 5% at the end of month two and so on.

If there is anything to relative strength and momentum in physical stock trading and investment then there should be value in something derived from this.

I am definitely not the person to ask on this as none of my strategies deal with single stocks or momentum and relative strength (although like all reversalists I am a trend follower as soon as I put a trade on–ha!)


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