This paper is interesting.

It deals with the estimation of travel times on roads. Of much interest though is the volatility of these times.

In the context of the paper, the author speaks of the factors that influence average travel times such as traffic incidents, weather, time of day etc.

Looping back to markets one believes that time is at least as important as price. Given that, it is interesting to consider how the path of prices throughout a trading session impacts upon average price moves or ranges for a set holding period.

To elucidate further, imagine a market, let us call it market 'X'. Perhaps the average range of this market is 14 units.

It is interesting to consider the path dependency throughout the day and study if the steps and stumbles throughout the day will hasten or prolong the time it takes to achieve the average range.

[no need to be married to 'average range', the point is to have some measure of price performance whose average time to occur can be measured].


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