Several years ago I saw an off-Broadway production of "Harvey" starring Jim Parsons because I loved the James Stewart film and because I liked Jim Parsons in "Big Bang Theory." It was a disappointment partially because it was hard to follow Stewart's depiction of Elwood P Dowd. It was like seeing "Sheldon" playing Elwood. Creepy. Being a big Holmes fan and having always felt that no one was ever able to follow Basil Rathbone in the role (except perhaps Jeremy Brett), I was primed to see a Holmes played like Gandalf. But Ian McKellen is a good Holmes, not Gandalf at all, albeit one who is past the end of his career and is struggling to remember… things. I don't want to spoil it. A big plus is some awesome cinematography of the English countryside and the White Cliffs of Dover. Overall a really nice character study and quite diverting.

Peter Grieve writes: 

I loved Rathbone when I was a boy, and was blown away by Brett (particularly the earlier episodes). But painful though it is to admit, Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite Sherlock. In the first two years, anyway. Holmes series (both TV and film) seem to veer away from Conan Doyle's intent before the canon is exhausted.

Stefan Jovanovich writes: 

I agree with PG. I think having Martin Freeman as Watson is what puts them first. The first episode is truly a classic. Rubert Graves, Mark Gattis, Louise Brealey, and Philip Davis. Thank God for the Brits and their Empire.

Where would we Americans be without their performers and writers–watching endless Blue Screen ballets performed by people who don't even know how to dance.


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