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July 29, 2015 |


Hope you are well.

I've been writing many posts over the last two years on high school and home school debate topics. And though the topics have been good for explaining market concepts to students, they haven't seemed to me to be very investment or speculation related.

Here are the "Astounding Ideas" blogs for current and recent debate topics. Posts include many links to pro-market books, articles, and videos:

Federal Court Reform

China/Japan/SK/Taiwan Trade

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Ocean policy

However, I've been thinking about Apple computer and the upcoming launch of iPhone 6s.

Apple is of course doing very well, but my sense was that part of the huge success of the iPhone 6 last fall was that Apple was so late with large-screen iPhones. I remember a year ago a friend struggling to figure out how to use his new Android phone. He just couldn't stand waiting with the small screen iPhone 5. Another time, about a year ago, I saw someone with an iPhone and couldn't at first figure out what it was, because it looked more like a music player than a phone.

So, Apple finally came out with large screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last Sept. And not only got their usual sales, and expanded sales overseas, but also had a lot of sales from people like my friend who quickly switched back to an iPhone.

So now that boost is over and Apple is preparing for huge sales of the iPhone 6s modest upgrade.

Maybe it will do just fine, but there won't be a similar sales boost from Apple's long-delayed larger screen iPhone 6.

Apple had $26.5 billion in off-balance sheet commitments at the end of the June quarter — a massive year-over-year increase that suggests the company is planning for a record breaking launch of its next-generation "iPhone 6s."


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