In my lifetime it has been a fool's errand to bet against property in Central London.

One non predictive anecdote caught the eye this morning: In 2014, 3900 homes in central London were sold for a value exceeding £1 million ($ 1.55 million).

Apparently there are officially 54000 (fifty four thousand) Central London properties being built or redeveloped from commercial to residential use whose sticker price will be £1million or above coming to market by the end of 2017. It all likely reflects the sharp narrowing in the geography of wealth in the obvious global hotspots that is becoming more acute. (It reminds one of stock indices making new highs on the back of just a few stocks, which may or may not 'mean' anything).

For my money, it's Point Piper in Sydney. (Google some images). Funny how the market works.


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