I was born with a thirst for knowledge. The earliest harvest was a series of projects. The order was: geology, dinosaurs, astronomy and rockets, birds, rocks, leaves, animal behavior, microscopes, gardening, chess and psychology. I allowed either one or two months, depending on the breadth and availability of literature on the topic. At the end of each I made a list of the half-dozen pertinent points for refreshing later. A stunning discovery at ten was that information on topics began to overlap and to pool into other subjects.

At twelve I began a series of sports (sprints, high jump, homeruns…), famous quotations and board games. I theorized that all the topics would eventually merge to form a bank which has proven true. There was a pause, of course, for university where the study was veterinary medicine. On graduation the small projects continued with stocks and commodities, journalism, body language (studying every night at bars for ten years without drinking), physics, survival, geography in each of 105 countries visited, cons, martial arts and negotiation.

The best advice I can give is that knowledge is power and to keep on reading.


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