An interesting hobo-esque story of hiding out in the woods since 1986. No contact with humans

"The Last True Hermit"

"I drove until I was nearly out of gas. I took a small road. Then a small road off that small road. Then a trail off that." He parked the car. He placed the keys in the center console. "I had a backpack and minimal stuff. I had no plans. I had no map. I didn't know where I was going. I just walked away."

Victor Niederhoffer comments: 

A hoboesque hermit.

Bo Keely writes: 

The quote describes one of two reoccurring situations around the world. The first is when someone decides to shuck society and take a turn into the wilds. It's a cold turkey withdrawal not unlike leaving drugs: You drive to smaller and smaller roads, then walk on less and less distinct trails. In this way, there is no turning back. The other situation it describes is hoboesque in leaving all familiar behind to start on a new track. It usually takes the form of sneaking out the bathroom window and trading the wife in for a freight train to adventure. In the Amazon, the version is taking a large steamboat on a big river to a smaller one on a thinner brook to a canoe alone into a green tunnel of quest. The point is not to be afraid to try anything new.


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