If pride goeth before the fall, what is the opposite for the individual spec?

Re-discover humility and endurance before the win…

Russ Sears writes: 

The logical contrapositive to "if you have pride first then you fall" is "if you win then you had lasting humility". I believe this is what most of the great coaches teach. For example, Wooden, and Bobby Knight both espouse you have to prepare and practice like your team is the least talented and least "gifted" players or team out there. Then come game time believe your players/team is the most prepared confident in execution team on the court. In other words, practice is the time for the players to think and work and believe in the coach's system. Game time is the time to enjoy the flow and automatize and let the coach worry about the thinking. For runners I would say have a plan, believe in the plan, stick with the plan and then the racing is easy.


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