The Phillies this year stink. Simply stated, they can’t get out of their own way. The team is off on so many different dimensions, it would difficult to overstate just how bad things are. And there comes a point where the random sorts of things, like injuries, maybe aren’t so random given that players begin to push well beyond what they should out of frustration. Case in point, the injury to Williams, pitching on Tuesday in the Os vs Phillies game. (And that was why I took a look at the Phillies.) Granted, it was just a blowout, but a 19-3 blowout isn’t just a matter of pitching batting practice for the opposing team. On Tuesday, it got so bad that a position player was brought in to pitch—and he did at least as good a job as the real pitching staff. Or at least no worse. Perhaps in a nutshell, that communicates why this team is at .333 this late into the season.

Yesterday, the Phillies entertained the Os just up I-95. I thought that as the home team, the Phillies might hunker down and make a good game of it. A good enough game that the tedium accompanying a good 40 minutes on the bike at the gym could be relieved by watching the game. Fat chance!

The Orioles won 6-4. The score doesn’t sound so bad, right? Perhaps, but consider this: An American League pitcher with a career batting average of 0.115 (from his time at Colorado) not only legs it out for an infield base hit, but also rings up an RBI! That’s pretty bad.

I guess the question now is whether Ryan Sandberg (the Phillies’ field manager) makes to the All Star break, or is he fired in the next few weeks.

I gotta feel for Phillies fans. I’ve been there, and it’s not much fun.


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