Given Vic's interest in trees, I am posting this link to some amazing photos of trees. A friend had sent me this link today. I believe you will find it worthwhile viewing.

Marion Dreyfus writes: 

I wrote this about the first tree in this extraordinary series of trees.


He was a lad off to war and fortune. He was in Flanders. He propped his bike against the beloved oak Where in a nimbus of earnest he had embraced his girl expecting her to wait. He felt sure of her, sure she would. And left his gawky 3-speed. A lad of 18, younger then than he'd be now uncynical, unjaded, just a country lad. And the years passed, decade folding over decade. And his girl was affianced to another felled by the waiting for him. But the tree never forgot. And year with year by year on year it stood silent, sentinel awaiting his return, that lad who, ere he left, had lain beneath these capacious shading arms. And not wanting to abandon its friend the tree widened in girth, and stretched in height, enfolding the now-rusted Raleigh incorporating the boy's loveleaving but the handlebars and wheels spoking outlifting the bike with its annual spurt from its packed grassy mound. There for all time awaiting the lad's eager return. The tree grandfather to its earlier self. And the bike? The bike, not still shiny but loyal and mute, keeping its vigil too should his lad ever return.





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  1. douglas r dimick on June 8, 2015 9:27 am


    Great tree site.

    The Donut Tree in Fryeburg, Maine…


    One could view it from across the street at my grandfather’s house.

    Came to equate it with the “circle of life” motif.




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