Orlando has always been warm and exciting each of the dozens of times my family has visited. A few Bearish observations of this Mid Winter Break, nonetheless.

Firstly, we're seeing another ticket hike for Disney parks. In tune with price inelastic never-subsiding demand for passes, park hikes actually hit the 100-million plus annual visitors hard. Hotel occupancy may well suffer from it. I see widespread bleeding permeating within the hotel industry, and I have actually started preliminary negotiations on behalf of private investors to take over the ownership of an area resort. My speculation is that the theme as such is timeless, and that it should prominently figure on every bargain hunter's list.

Another curious observation is that a prominent RV rental operator Moturis (of Germany) has folded its US operation as of 2015. Truly, things appear gloomiest right before the bottom is reached. I'm sure that if Moturis had the vision to foresee the sharp Oil and Gasoline price collapse into 2015, they would've not proceeded with their folding plans. But the $3-4 gas of the last few years did eventually break their backs.

Another temporary casualty is SeaWorld. Plagued by a variety of short term troubles, from Shamu accident to the dolphin rights demonstrators outside, they got taken over by Blackstone Group and promptly halved the price of non-resident Annual Passes! Incredible bonanza, which in my estimation will not last more than a year. Get them while you can!

Also (I forgot to add): strengthening US currency has been acting to price out potential foreign buyers. Chinese investors are concentrating on bargains flashing mainly by devalued AUD, and possibly EUR and CAD as well


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