Dear Mr. Niederhoffer

From a hotel owner in Athens.

You might find his perspective interesting.



He writes: 

Yesterday was the first official speech of the new government at the Greek parliament.

The new Prime minister announced his program for the following year (I will point to SOME of the 40 that he announced)

1. free food and electricity power, to any family who both (parents) lost their jobs the last years

2. return to the job of government staff that they lost their job illegally according to the Greek law from the previous government (actually this is "trick" from his side, as instead of having new staff that was announced from the previous government, he will return the previous ones.

3. he will cut 50% from the main government cars (now are 700 cars) that are using in the government (NOT police, fire, ambulance etc ONLY from the main government, ministers, vice ministers etc)

4. will sell any government car that cost more than 700,000 Euro (this is about 20 cars)

5. will sell one of the three government aircrafts

6. each elected person at the parliament has a free car, this will be rechecked and will keep ONLY the ones that do not have a private car or the money to use their private car according to their incoming

7. minimize 30% the staff that is working at the prime minister and main government office

8. minimize 40% the police protection of the prime minister

9. tax police will re check anyone who has HUGE bank accounts, how this income was earned and if it was taxed

10. replace the house holder tax, with a new ONLY for the expensive in value estates

11. till 2016 the minimum wage will return to 750 Euro instead of 480 that is now (NOTICE in many jobs eg Hotel the minimum salary is more than 750 Euro)

12. return the 13 pension to anyone who takes less than 700 Euro as a monthly pension.

The rest (28 points) are much more complicated for me to explain to you in English, plus are not so value as the ones I wrote to you. Personally, I agree with the most of them (12) NOT with all, but with the most. I do not like: No 2, but this will not cost a lot to the country, as instead of taking new he will use the old staff, so no big deal. No 10, personally I will not need to pay for my home, as does not belong to the high estate homes BUT probably I will need to pay for the Hotel A LOT, because the Hotel as a building belongs to the expensive estates for the Greek standards.


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