For those of you interested in the infrastructure that keeps all of these modern balls juggling in the air, I would highly recommend checking out Brian Hayes' Infrastructure: A Guide to the Industrial Landscape.

It is basically a How Stuff Works for the technological infrastructure that supports modern society. It's a great look at the works of the industrial Ozymandias, and what it takes to keep it all in motion.

Topics include Mining, Power Grid, Tunnels, Waterworks, Communications, Aviation, Food and Farming, Roads, Shipping, Oil and Gas, Railroads, Wastes, Power Plants, Bridges, and Recycling.

It's a beautiful, oversized, soft cover with tons of color photos and info. I love it!

From Amazon:

Replete with the author's striking photographs, the revised and expanded edition of Infrastructure is a unique and spectacular guide to all the major "ecosystems" of our modern industrial world. In exploring railroad tracks, antenna towers, highway overpasses, power lines, coal mines, nuclear power plants, grain elevators, oil refineries, steel mills, and more, Brian Hayes reveals how our familiar and often-overlooked industrial environment can be as dazzling as nature. With a new chapter reflecting on recent natural and technological disasters—from Hurricane Katrina to the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors— Infrastructure is a compelling and clear guide for those who want to explore and understand this mysterious world we've made for ourselves.


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