Brian Williams, from Ed Stewart

February 10, 2015 |

The Brian Williams story seems to be a manufactured one, or might as well be, to supplant the significant with the trivial. Who cares if he exaggerated his bravery or made up an "eye witness" account of a dead body floating by during the Katrina sh*tstorm.

The sad fact might be that most people don't realize he is just an actor playing a part - an entertainer like the ones my kids just met at Disney Word. The fact that so much of the "critical" info we supposedly receive on matters of grave significance is outed as fraudulent after the fact, that we are routinely given bogus narratives on matters of national security, then it is never addressed with accountability assigned, has a way of fading to the background. Instead we worry about if a dead body floated by Brian's hotel room or if he personally dodged a heat seeking missile.

Stefan Jovanovich writes: 

Ed misses the point about the show Mr. Williams is putting on. His act is to be a truth teller — to be factually accurate. The decline in the profitability of newspapers has come from their failure to do what had been their act — to be the town criers of the facts of current gossip, not an extension class in proper opinion. The problem for Mr. Williams has been for a while that it is a bad show; the problem for the Times, both NY and LA, is that neither Gay Talese or Jody Jacobs or anyone remotely like them works there any more.


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