Hard Work, from Jonathan Bower

February 2, 2015 |

Giving a shout out to my 8 year old who spent 7+ hours walking around our neighborhood over the last two weekends selling chocolate bars to raise money for her school. She managed to beat last year's total (315) and her goal (400) and sold 534, not including the parental contribution. A great lesson in working hard and achieving goals. Given that 80% of the kids at her school are Title I and 20% are technically homeless, the PTO definitely needs the money to support the teachers and students. Below is her "pitch":

Hi my name is Kealoha. I am in 3rd grade at Putnam Elementary School. I am selling "the world's finest chocolate" to raise money for my school. Last year I sold 315 bars, this year my goal is to sell 400. Would you like to help me reach my goal? It will be just in time for Valentine's Day.


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