Your site is invaluable. Thank you for doing so well at describing what the culture of honorable trading is about. I particularly found Barry Gitart’s referenced article about Somalia to be useful.

I have worked in Africa on five different occasions, in four different countries. I have also worked in Iraq on three different occasions. As I travel, I tend to analyze the dynamic of each location, and to reconcile the net environment against Natural Law. My views have only been reinforced by my experiences.

Within Barry’s referenced article I found some applicable lessons. Ultimately, however, each referenced attribute of anarchy, and the relative value of regulation within those certain environments only certifies the maxim that honorable trade is a beautiful thing. The key to understanding this assertion is that the definition of capitalism is much often taken out of context, and cited against red-herring scenarios. To clarify, it is best to provide some real life examples:

When a street vendor in Gabon attempts to keep the change, that is due his customer, through subterfuge and deception, he is not engaging in Natural Law transaction..

When a radio station in Bosnia broadcasts with un-coordinated and egregious levels of wattage, they are not seeking to develop mutually beneficial trade relationships. Neither are they participating in honorable, Natural Law capitalism.

When a village leader in Iraq lies to his benefactors regarding the use of the proceeds from certain donated goods, he is not engaging in Natural Law transaction.

Finally, when publicly held Russian energy assets are allocated to the private sector through hastened channels of oligarchy and influence, only the gritty rituals of lower needs and tribalism, are observed - certainly not Natural Law.

Naturally, there will continue to be many examples of ostensibly free trade environments, that are, in reality, a fusion of thuggery, and uncoordinated access to common resources with little measure of equity. Natural Law and its ultimate product, honorable capitalism, will continue to be misunderstood within many circles.

Daily Speculations is a healthy tool in the slow process of expediting mankind toward our inevitable destiny of one day understanding and embracing the dynamic of honorable trade with some degree of critical mass. Until that day arrives, your contribution to that process seems secured — great job.


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