Alston Mabry notes:

Some TLDR:
- The US will lead the post-covid recovery, not EM.
- Goods-producing jobs are back which will have a multiplier effect.
- Capex will lead in the US, and total capex is 4x stock buybacks.
- China unlikely ever to exceed US economy. China much more like
Japan since the 90s.
- She likes innovation and recommends ARKK.

November 12, 2021

Be prepared to question many of the negative assumptions you have been hearing and listen to some other data that shines a different light on the outlook. Our guest is a highly respected economist who is no pollyanna. She is just a top economist who looks at data many others miss.

Nancy Lazar is Partner and Chief Economist of Cornerstone Macro. Lazar and her team are challenging the assumptions that higher inflation is here to stay, that interest rates have to go higher and that emerging markets will be the driver of global growth post-pandemic.

K. K. Law comments:

China could be much worse than Japan in the '90s.

Sarah comments:

Is she assuming all manufacturers/categories operate the same way? As much as I would love for this to be the case, there appears to be an oversimplified view of manufacturing that stems from the en vogue ecommerce B2C who typically have less operational personnel, strategic planning, etc. Sales and marketing teams are out in full force to convince manufacturers to buy their products, but many B2B who are currently better positioned and quieter could be the slowest to change.


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