The Fed talks of the transitory nature of inflation and not raising rates, meanwhile Treasury is offering I bonds at 7% yield to small investors. Seems
to be a disconnect.

Peter Penha responds:

I Bonds Purchases are limited to US$10k a person, the extra coupon is indexed to the Urban CPI (why higher - nothing funny or contradictory it is formulaic)…this was all seen in advance by I series holders who track the urban CPI (which if you believe the rent increase stories - should remain high).

The FAQ is here: Series I Savings Bonds FAQs

Separately I do believe everyone should have a treasury direct account (was made a little more difficult to open one during the GFC) but no fees of any kind and you can leave your money as a certificate of indebtedness (C of I) of the US treasury with 24 hour withdrawal/ credit to any banking institution & you jump the queue among indirect/direct bidders on any US treasury auctions and I believe I read years ago that the original legislation (Ron Paul was part of it) guarantees you cannot be issued at a negative interest rate even if rates are negative for financial repression purposes.

Was about putting the little guy/gal first.


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