Ari KievI've seen discussions on this site before about the natural connections between developing athletic skills and trading acumen. And in the Times yesterday there was an obituary of a Dr. Ari Kiev, of whom I had been previously unaware:

"His work with athletes caught the attention of Steven A. Cohen, the founder of the hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors, who hired Dr. Kiev in the early 1990s to coach his traders and help them deal with the stress and uncertainties of financial markets…"

He appears to have been a very interesting sort. I think I'll read his books.

Dave Goodboy adds:

I was fortunate to interview Dr. Kiev in 2005. Indeed an interesting polymath.

Ira Brody writes:

Victor's take on the natural connection between developing athletic skills and trading can be describe in few words.

In his quest to become a world champion in squash rackets, Victor learned how to “lose” which ultimately allowed him to become a “winner.” Great pitchers are those who are knocked out of the box in the third inning to boos and critical media judgement about their performance… only to return four or five days later to pitch a game before 50,000 screaming fans and those same critics. If they are haunted by their previous performance they are once again doomed to failure. What makes them great is that they can let go. That what was, was! Today is another day and another time. Let’s go out and play to win.

What makes Vic and other traders exceptional is like great athletes they learn from their mistakes but do not let them affect their ability to take calculated risks… the ingredient that made them winners. They trade to win. They understand that a perfect season though possible is more of a pipe dream than a reality.


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