ObamaUsing the word "country" as a baseline and Google trends, the largest news story coverage of any President was for Lincoln with heavy news coverage utilizing his name surrounding the commencement of the Civil War in April 1861, the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865 and his assassination. The second largest news coverage was of JFK during 1963, the year of his assassination. JFK's inaugural year was a relative non-event. It's also worth pointing out that nearly all of the other presidents benefited from having common names (the news search is not robust enough to ensure unique reference to Franklin Roosevelt for example, resulting in an upward bias in his figures), so Obama's strong news results are all the more remarkable. What's really incredible to me is that the coverage Obama has generated so far is in less than two years (each of the bars above represent two years [chart not included]). His news stories continue to build at a furious pace and it is highly likely he will emerge the clear victor. To place it in context, Obama has generated more news items than Teddy Roosevelt did over eight years of office and three elections.


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