As we learn from the great masters of trading, one has to use all his edges to beat the market. But this example of having an edge over your opponents is the most unusual I have ever heard of. And this comes from soccer. If you think about great soccer players (excepting goalkeepers), you think about how fast they are, how well they can handle the ball, how great their free kicks are. But have you ever heard anybody praising a soccer player for how he can throw in the ball? Nor had I until I read about a certain Mr. Rory Delap from the English Premier League . His team Stoke City scored "eight Premier League goals this season, five have come as a result of a Delap throw-in," according to this BBC report. Also watch this video on youtube. Have readers heard about any similar unusual (but fair) edges in trading?

Matt Johnson offers:

How about staying small, like managing assets under $25 million US? One can stay nimble, pack on size when need be, and be out with minimal skid. One can day trade with this sum, and make a contribution to the P&L, or bet smaller for the long pull. It's kinda like a throw-in.


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