Vic and I were contemporaries at Lincoln High and grew up in Brighton Beach contemporaneously. I lived around the corner from Vic's grandparents, across the street from the church on Ocean Parkway.

Vic and I crossed paths since I spent five years at the library as a page — across from The Tuxedo, before it relocated. Does Vic remember Maidnan, Greenberg, Heller, Hecht, Crosser, Ellis, et. al. at Lincoln? And Phil and Mitchell Margo?

The only remaining store I found in Brighton was the pizzeria off First Street. No more Lulu, Aufrigtig, Totland, Lakeland, Jade Mountain, Murray the butcher, Sam the fruit man, Sealane, New Deal, Woolworth's, Barton's, Kubrick's..

Like Vic and Laurel, I am a market fanatic. And I'm a devoted reader of DailySpec.

Victor Niederhoffer replies:

Thanks for the reminiscences. Reminds me that the handball courts on West 4th have remained, as has Wonder Wheel, and also Nathan's. The checkers tables are still there, but chess is played only by Russians. Stahl's is gone, as well as "Private Beach" and Lincoln Savings Bank (many mergers away).


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