BoI ride for transportation. CSX runs like clockwork and is faster then Greyhound or Amtrak. CSX has 50 trains a day in each direction were I live, Amtrak only three. Also I can't and won't drive because I dont trust sharing a road or a bed with people I don't know.

As far as these mythical yuppie hobos, I have not seen them lately in the East. A bunch of them came in to Burlington, VT a while back, and I sent them out on the next train.

I once got so mad at CSX (marrriage of B&O and Penn Central) that I did the what the American system is best for: I bought and paid 50.00 for a share of stock and went to the Annual Meeting in Indiannapolis and gave them a peice of my mind. I also scarfed down all the free pastries that I could get my hands on at the five-star hotel!

Now as far as excutive hobos, I say to them: Go out and support the American railroads by shipping your products by rail and if you want to travel, rent a private rail car and travel in style. The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners would love your business. You don't even have to rent the whole car — a number of them have co-op charters.

And if you really want to save American railroads buy a short line that is about to be abandoned and save it from becoming a rail trail! Trains Magazine has a list of bits and pieces of rail line that are going by the wayside.


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