I was looking for bids to print some DVDs for my commodity trading course; tried the USA first, India second. They're cheaper in the USA, even before shipping! I would try China, but I'm concerned about quality control.

Nigel Davies adds:

I'd also be concerned about their making extra copies and selling them off on the cheap. This happened with one very nice Italian-Russian chess production which found its way into the suitcases of Russian chess players when they went to tournaments. You couldn't tell it from the real thing because it was the real thing — just half price or less. And when the Italian partner realised they couldn't sell many of the official copies they finally twigged what was happening. And not much chance of joy in the Russian courts… 

Barry Quigley remarks:

A friend of mine outside the US has a very successful little business duplicating and printing CDs and DVDs. I tried the exact same business model in the US and could not compete. Competition was unbelievable. Only the biggest mass-producing companies can pay for advertising, charge the lowest prices, and still make a profit. I also suspect quality control in the US is the best. 


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