The Education of a Speculator is required reading here at Radical Funds now. The market chose it. Enough people liked it that we give copies to all incoming, along with Johan Norberg's In Defense Of Global Capitalism and some others, like Hoover's Vision, which we require our entrepreneurs to read. We distribute the books over time, and strategically when the volumes are of utility to the individuals.

A Managing Director who joined us about a year ago was given his copy of The Education of a Speculator this weekend.

He came in today saying, "This book you gave me — I'm learning so much from it. I'm 20% into it."

I replied, "Yep, it's the single tome I learned the most from. And it is both rational and interesting."

He added, "Yeah, and Niederhoffer is crazy. He's like us, man. Something is seriously wrong with his brain — it has to be, to write something like this. I really dig it."


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