I was in Chile in the northern summers (southern winters) of 1984, 85, and 1987. I saw bullet holes in the facades of the buildings around the downtown palace, I witnessed national guard using water cannons in demonstrations, and I had to race back to the hotel to beat the 12, 1, or 2 a.m. military curfew on several occasions. That was back in my alpine skiing days, and a taxicab driver told me that Pinochet was…both the savior and the devil of Chile. Good information is where you find it in this world.

It was a nice place to hang out, with good skiing, notwithstanding the above mentioned “glitches” in the society. And the handwriting was on the wall for significant economic development down there already at that time, only I was too young, or too dumb, or both, to know to do anything about it. I was busy trying to have some fun.


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