You cannot teach school in Mexico if you are not a member of the SNTE - the Mexican Teachers Union. If the SNTE does not like you, they send their friends from the CNTE - the non-profit foundation for Mexican education. The CNTE's favorite tactic is to block the public highways. Right now their focus is in the province of Oaxaca. Their "cause" is a 2013 law that, for the first time, actually required teachers to have qualifications.

This has been attacked in the Mexican press and legislature in the same way Grant's civil service reforms were - by accusing the reformers of being corrupt. How dare anyone demand to know where the money has gone and how it was spent.

The reformers will have a way to go to catch up with Elba Esther Gordillo.



Most of these have been implemented here, for most of the listed stocks in the world, when the data are available (freely available or bought). It requires a nice database and information system to handle daily calculations; but this is easy; the only part that really takes time is being creating a meaningful and coherent picture (back to beginning). And if we did it here, I have no doubt that it exists in many places.


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