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Steve Wisdom

04/05/06: Grossman's Law
09/28/05: Philadelphia Story
06/02/05: A Splendid Example of the Alacrity of the Invisible Hand
05/20/05: Your Own Man
05/13/05:  Back to the Futures
05/13/05:  Historical S&P Performance Around Friday the 13th
05/10/05:  Commodities and Incentives
05/06/05: A Connecticut Yankee Watches BBC Election Coverage
02/13/05: Review: Leg the Spread
02/06/05: Dollar-Euro in a Dental Chair
11/15/04: Computing for Newbies in 60 Seconds
11/06/04: A Modest Post-Election Proposal
10/21/04: Derivatives for Grandma
10/15/04: "Who Let You in the Owner's Box?"
06/10/04: Nobelity
05/05/04: Big Whingeing Wimps
04/09/04: Book Review: Crisis of Islam
Mar '04:  Book Review: Beyond the Random Walk, A Guide to Stock Market Anomalies


Steve Wisdom, a Pennsylvania-born Harvard graduate, has been Victor Niederhoffer's chief for more than 15 years. He also has been associated with Trout Trading, Societ Generale and Deephaven Fund.

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