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11/16/2006 Some Predictions
11/15/2006 Health and Sickness
11/14/2006 A Book Recommendation from a Wise Speculator
11/14/2006 Operant Conditioning
11/09/2006 Delays
11/07/2006 Some Numerical Queries
11/07/2006 A Primer on Correlation and Regression
11/06/2006 From the Jaws of Victory
11/03/2006 Deep in the Heart of Texas
11/02/2006 The Joke Revisited
10/31/2006 Humor of the Markets
10/30/2006 A Bintel Brief
10/27/2006 Some Variations on Happening Again
10/27/2006 One of the Greatest Men & More on the Fantasticks...
10/24/2006 Book Review: The Zurich Axioms
10/23/2006 Some Null Hypotheses
10/20/2006 Drift and the Long Bond
10/19/2006 A Comedy of Errors
10/19/2006 The Drift
10/18/2006 Mojave Crossing
10/17/2006 Rational Exuberance
10/17/2006 The Four Stages of Denial
10/17/2006 Quote of the Day
10/12/2006 The Average in Humans and Stocks
10/11/2006 Very Good in One Role and Very Bad in Another
10/09/2006 Briefly Speaking
10/08/2006 Extreme Values
10/06/2006 How to Act Smart in Front of Your Friends (With Russell Sears)
10/02/2006 Book Review: An Illustrated Guide to Theoretical Ecology
10/02/2006 Guaranteed to Happen
09/28/2006 Buoyancy and the Markets
09/25/2006 Following The News
09/25/2006 Book Review: The Math Behind the Music
09/25/2006 Asian Bears
09/25/2006 Negativity and the Markets
09/20/2006 Nobody Asked Me, But ...
09/19/2006 Universal Principles
09/18/2006 Comparators and the Markets
09/13/2006 A Number of Friends
09/11/2006 Specialization and the Division of Labor
09/09/2006 Beneficent Circles
09/05/2006 A New Statistical Framework for the Markets
09/01/2006 It is Pleasing to Me
08/30/2006 On the Markets Last Week
08/28/2006 An Introduction to Bayesian Economics
08/27/2006 The Beauty of Competition
08/25/2006 Patrick O'Brian's Navy
08/22/2006 Trees: Their Natural History
08/15/2006 An Excellent Way of Gaining a Rudder
08/15/2006 A Topsy Turvy Market
08/08/2006 Degrees of Competitiveness
08/02/2006 Extinction
07/27/2006 On Earnings Reports
07/24/2006 Mother Goose
07/20/2006 A True Harbinger
07/19/2006 Counting Questions
07/12/2006 Preliminary Thoughts on Evolution and Sex
07/09/2006 Retrospective Numbers
07/07/2006 A Highly Recommended Book on Finance
07/06/2006 Torture in the Markets
07/03/2006 The Customs of an Operation Steeped in Peril
07/01/2006 Lessons from the Market Moves of May and June
06/30/2006 Briefly Speaking
06/27/2006 Market Imperfections
06/25/2006 Cyclicality, Students, Seasonality
06/24/2006 Briefly Speaking: On Declines
06/22/2006 Hysteresis
06/22/2006 Compression and Expansion
06/22/2006 The Influence of Anecdotes on Markets
06/11/2006 Cause and Correlation in Biology, A Review
06/04/2006 Leverage
05/31/2006 Betting on Myself: Adventures of a Horseplayer and Publisher, A Review
05/30/2006 Letter to a Newborn Son, Part IV
05/28/2006 Letter to Barron's Columnist Michael Santoli
05/21/2006 Ecology and Markets
05/20/2006 My Favorite Business Story
05/16/2006 Recursive Functions
05/13/2006 Letter to a Newborn Son, Part II
05/13/2006 Letter to a Newborn Son, Part III
05/05/2006 Letter to a Newborn Son, Part I
05/02/2006 Romance, Bernanke and Discrete Mathematics
05/01/2006 Some Lessons from a Harness Outing
04/29/2006 Thoughts on Restructuring and Meetings
04/27/2006 "Make It An Old-Fashioned, Please"
04/27/2006 A Good Market
04/24/2006 The Fallacy of Perfect Knowledge
04/24/2006 Earnings: A Penny Here, A Penny There
04/20/2006 Briefly Speaking: A Little Humbleness is Good for Investors
04/19/2006 Cycles
04/18/2006 Ambushes and Signals
03/29/2006 How To Raise a Spec Investor (Part II)
03/28/2006 How To Raise a Spec Investor (Part I)
03/26/2006 Does First Quarter Predict the Rest of the Year?
03/24/2006 The Importance of Little Things
03/23/2006 Forward and Back
03/21/2006 Quality versus Growth
03/20/2006 Socks, Stocks and Bundles of Trouble
03/19/2006 How to be Rich in Business, Markets and Life
03/16/2006 Applications for Series Parallel Circuits for Increasing Reliability in Markets and Machines
03/14/2006 Probability, Markets and Decision Making
03/12/2006 Book Review: Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert
02/28/2006 Stocks Near the Round of 1300; Anatevka
02/27/2006 The Smell of Health: The Dog as Diagnostician
02/26/2006 Abelson a No-Show, but Bears Still Rule at Barron's
02/15/2006 The Origin of Species: A Daily Spec Foru
02/12/2006 7 Common Roads to Stock Market Disaster
02/10/2006 Conversion on the Road to Mountain View: Rethinking Google
02/08/2006 A Healthy Day
02/06/2006 A Hagiography
02/03/2006 Some Thoughts on Roulette Screens
02/03/2006 Briefly Speaking
02/03/2006 January Barometers, Super Bowls and Part-Whole Fallacies, by Dr. Victor Niederhoffer and Dr. Alex Castaldo
02/02/2006 Some Thoughts on Selling
01/29/2006 Market Lessons from Verdi's Rigoletto
01/27/2006 Briefly Speaking: Runs, Davos et al.
01/27/2006 Could ROE Provide for A Meal for a Lifetime?
01/26/2006 Ask the Chair: The Inner Game of Tennis
01/25/2006 Baroque Music and the Markets
01/24/2006 Asking the Right Questions
01/21/2006 A Note on Friday's Decline
01/20/2006 Briefly Speaking: The 2006 Jump Ball Bet; Binion's Luck; Linnaeus
01/19/2006 The Sage, What a Card!
01/19/2006 Shakeout
01/18/2006 Thoughts on Markets Inspired by "On the Origin of Species"
01/17/2006 High and Low
01/14/2006 Patterns of Life and Markets
01/11/2006 Lessons and Stories from a NY City Policeman
01/10/2006 Rational Herds
01/09/2006 A Year End Review
01/09/2006 Spec Library Purchases
01/06/2006 Repetition and the Crocodile
01/05/2006 Let's Vary Piracy with a Little Burglary
01/03/2006 Piracy
01/02/2006 'Hold the Bubbly'
12/31/2005 Herdlike Behavior in the Chicago Pit
12/29/2005 War and Peace
12/27/2005 The Duration and Prevalence of Recessions
12/24/2005 Variations on 'A Christmas Carol'
12/23/2005 Dividend Increases'
12/22/2005 Trade Deficits, Market Crashes and Rumors
12/21/2005 Briefly Speaking: Managed Futures, Dividends, Cascade Effects
12/20/2005 The Judas Goat and the Markets
12/19/2005 Book Review: Timing the Market: How to Profit in the Stock Market by Deborah Weir
12/16/2005 A Christmas Present: A Little Light on the P/E vs. Returns Speculations
12/15/2005 Briefly Speaking: Round Numbers at Year-End; Balmy Decembers; the Chairman Objects to Multiple Comps from the Firm's Stock Picker, and the Strong Letter That Ensued; A Conversation in the Woods
12/14/2005 P/Es and Returns
12/13/2005 Bear Corner: The Latest from the Weekly Financial Columnist
12/13/2005 Ephemera
12/10/2005 Are Annual Reports Predictive? Vic Looks at an Attempt to Systematize Analysis
12/09/2005 Goetzmann's History
12/08/2005 A Trading Story
12/07/2005 They Held Tightly to the Things They Knew Best
12/06/2005 Diffusion of Innovations
12/05/2005 Five Variations on the Economics of Location
12/01/2005 Frustration-Aggression Theory (by V. Niederhoffer and A. Castaldo, with responses)
11/29/2005 An Essential Book
11/28/2005 Two Conceptions of Communications
11/25/2005 Vic reviews 'Does trend following work on stocks?'
11/24/2005 Give Thanks for Pilgrims (and McDonald's)
11/23/2005 Large Caps
11/22/2005 End of Year Momentum
11/21/2005 Briefly Speaking: On Dr Fama
11/21/2005 Victor Niederhoffer reviews Fewer
11/15/2005 A Random Bearish Column Generator
11/14/2005 Predicting the Dow
11/11/2005 Antipredator Behaviour
11/10/2005 Briefly Speaking: Stasis; Demography; Proposal for Market Health Tests; Sayonara to a Bearish Scenario
11/10/2005 Quiddities
11/09/2005 Cisco Earnings
11/08/2005 Demographics and the Stock Market
11/06/2005 Leaf Shapes, Retail Success
11/06/2005 Retail Magic
11/05/2005 An Irony
11/04/2005 A Strange and Sensitive Situation
11/02/2005 Natural Humility
11/01/2005 The All-Seeing Eye
10/30/2005 Friday Rallies
10/29/2005 Sports Betting
10/28/2005 An Earnings Analysis
10/25/2005 On Round Numbers
10/24/2005 Dow Moves
10/22/2005 Startling Behavior
10/20/2005 A fitting tribute
10/18/2005 Momentum Vs Randomness
10/18/2005 Average Absolute Deviation
10/17/2005 Leaks and Announcement Effects
10/15/2005 Detritivores and Other Destroyers
10/13/2005 Market Moves
10/13/2005 A Note on Refco
10/10/2005 Don't Fear, the Numbers are Clear
10/08/2005 Opening Moves
10/07/2005 Fishing for a Bottom
10/06/2005 An Epic Day in the Market
10/05/2005 Broken Trends
10/02/2005 The Economic and Investment Implications of Delay
09/29/2005 Briefly Speaking
09/27/2005 Greenspan and the Real Estate Speculators
09/25/2005 Polar Coordinates
09/24/2005 I've got a little list
09/23/2005 Market tales of Summer
09/20/2005 Five Variations on Creative Destruction
09/19/2005 The Shape of Prices
09/17/2005 Music, Physics, Stocks & Buffett
09/16/2005 The Cruelty of the Market Mistress
09/15/2005 An Exchange of Letters Regarding a Doomsday Analysis of Dividend Yields
09/13/2005 Briefly Speaking
09/09/2005 Cane Investing
09/08/2005 The Four States of Matter
09/07/2005 The Wisdom of Crowds
09/07/2005 Recent S&P Ranges
09/05/2005 Evaporation and Markets
09/04/2005 Velocities and Distance
09/02/2005 To Rule the Waves
08/30/2005 Converting Rotary Motion
08/22/2005 Three Variations on Duplicity
08/22/2005 Like an old friend
08/16/2005 An Obituary for Jim Lorie
08/16/2005 Stocks as Mosaics
08/15/2005 Competition
08/15/2005 The Incidence of Epidemics
08/15/2005 Brokerage Stocks and the Market
08/10/2005 Briefly Speaking
08/09/2005 Random thoughts on the Market
08/08/2005 Briefly Speaking
08/08/2005 A Strange Incongruence
08/04/2005 Briefly Speaking
08/03/2005 On the Euro
08/01/2005 An Open Letter to Doomsdayists
07/30/2005 Dept of Hubris
07/29/2005 The Memoir
07/27/2005 What we can learn from Shells
07/26/2005 Horror Movies and the Abelbufflecketts
07/23/2005 Tension and Release
07/22/2005 Briefly Speaking
07/20/2005 The Laws of Actions and Reactions
07/18/2005 The Summer and Jim Lorie
07/15/2005 News Flash: Optimistic Headlines Rampant on Bloomberg!
07/14/2005 Travel through Books
07/14/2005 Tennis and the Markets
07/11/2005 Four Variations on Rates of Return in Commodity-Type Businesses
07/11/2005 An Interesting Discussion of Plant Problems
07/09/2005 Update: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
07/08/2005 Final Consonance
07/08/2005 A review of 'Why Do Absolute Returns Predict Volatility So Well' by Lars Forsberg and Eric Ghysels
07/08/2005 Important Alert
07/06/2005 Models of the Stars
07/05/2005 Briefly Speaking
06/21/2005 Book Review: Data Driven Investing
06/21/2005 Ten Variations On The Theory of Least Effort
06/18/2005 A Review of the Hidden Language of Baseball
06/16/2005 Pocket Rockets
06/12/2005 Inspirations for Counting
06/12/2005 Broadway Review: Glengarry Glen Ross
06/12/2005 Strikeout
06/12/2005 Briefly Speaking
06/09/2005 A Review of 'Forecasting with Dynamic Regression'
06/08/2005 Hot Stories
06/07/2005 Practical microeconomics
06/02/2005 Variations of Tree Form
05/31/2005 The Iceman
05/27/2005 Summer Reading
05/27/2005 Alacritous Buying
05/27/2005 Tech Stock Valuation
05/25/2005 Understanding Dow Moves (with Chris Hammond and Charles Pennington)
05/25/2005 Ranges by Week
05/23/2005 Waiting in a Tree
05/23/2005 A Rare Event: S&P at 6-Year Low
05/21/2005 Review: Glengarry Glen Ross
05/21/2005 Waiting in a Tree: A Lobagola in Crude
05/20/2005 Orchestration
05/20/2005 Freakonomics, Bagels, Holidays
05/17/2005 Leads, Lags in Industry Groups
05/16/2005 Business Cycles
05/16/2005 A Good Research Project
05/13/2005 Bull & Bear Moves
05/12/2005 I Tip My Hat to the Mistress
05/07/2005 Cumulative Sum Control Charts
05/04/2005 Crude Reversal
05/03/2005 Two-Month Declines
04/29/2005 What the Commodities Markets Are Saying to the Fed
04/26/2005 Track and Floor
04/26/2005 Working Hypotheses
04/26/2005 Dividend Studies
04/22/2005 Needles in Haystacks
04/21/2005 Earnings: So Far, Very Good
04/20/2005 Nebraska Chronicles: The Sage's Best Ideas
04/19/2005 Beware the Slow Descent (IBM)
04/18/2005 Briefly Speaking
04/17/2005 Inflows, Outflows & Tax Day
04/12/2005 Behind the Form
04/11/2005 Racing and Markets: A forum started by Victor Niederhoffer
04/09/2005 Briefly Speaking
04/08/2005 The Pfizer Plagues
04/06/2005 Department of Misconceptions
04/06/2005 Misadventures in Stock Picking
04/04/2005 Pitching the Pinch
04/03/2005 The Elusive Altruism
04/01/2005 Monster Oil
03/28/2005 Optimal Foraging Theory
03/27/2005 Hand Study: Window Dressing
03/25/2005 Book Review: How to Become a Professional Con Artist
03/25/2005 Book Review: Creating Modern Capitalism
03/23/2005 Tail Wind Change in Commodities, with Postscript: The Silver Fox
03/23/2005 Analyzing Board Meetings
03/22/2005 Father/Fed Approval
03/21/2005 A Variable to Consider: Distance From 20-Day High/Low
03/21/2005 When Will Disillusionment With Buffett Set In?
03/20/2005 Book Recommendations
03/18/2005 World Markets
03/17/2005 A Visit to the UPenn Bookstore
03/16/2005 A Review of The Big Con by David Maurer
03/16/2005 Don't Get Conned by the Most Admired Companies
03/15/2005 Why I Don't Believe in Trends
03/13/2005 CEO Resignations
03/13/2005 After the 20-Point Decline, What Then?
03/13/2005 Theater Review: "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
03/08/2005 S&P Dot Plot
03/07/2005 Corporate Corruption
03/03/2005 P/E Perspective
03/02/2005 Intraday Moves
03/01/2005 Power Laws
03/01/2005 Commodities: 1% a Year for Two Centuries
02/28/2005 Variations on the Big Con
02/25/2005 Statistical Musicology
02/18/2005 FDA Hearings Showed Rise
02/18/2005 Economics of Volatility
02/16/2005 Reflections - FDA
02/15/2005 Spin-Offs
02/11/2005 All Gamblers Die Broke
02/10/2005 The Big Con
02/07/2005 Nobody Asked Me - Feb.
02/06/2005 Competitive Strategy
02/02/2005 External Controls and Incentives
02/01/2005 January Effect
02/01/2005 Strategy by Liddell Hart
01/29/2005 Wedges and Markets
01/27/2005 Dulcinea
01/23/2005 Review of Academic Work on Evolution of Industries
01/21/2005 The Sage Bloviates on the Dollar, Trade Deficit
01/20/2005 Virtues of Being Certain vs. Taking Risk
01/20/2005 Bellwethers
01/19/2005 Pfizer's 103-Page Interim Report
01/18/2005 Resigned
01/14/2005 Guaranteed Losers
01/13/2005 Father Random, Part II
01/12/2005 The Current Account Deficit: Nobody Asked Me, But...
01/12/2005 Unobtrusive Measures: The Story of Joe McNay and the Yale Endowment
01/09/2005 Gloom, Doom and Record Books
01/01/2005 Film Review: The Aviator
12/26/2004 Nobody Asked Me, But...
12/26/2004 Writings of Marty Whitman, Value Investor
12/24/2004 Reduced Capital
12/23/2004 Higledy Pigledy
12/23/2004 Sometimes a Word is Very Important
12/21/2004 It is rare ...
12/19/2004 Relative health in Asia and the US
12/17/2004 Thoughts inspired by the Wisdom kids
12/14/2004 The Election Effect
12/14/2004 Socialist Weekly Tosses Capitalist Coin, Finds Workers Lose Heads or Tails
12/12/2004 Bear Watch
12/09/2004 Contagion and Crude Contagion
12/07/2004 Reflections on Jefferson
12/06/2004 10 Variations on themes of Fibonacci and Markets
12/04/2004 Making a Living
12/02/2004 Nothing Humdrum About Numbers
11/01/2004 November Diary: Idiot Savant vs. Bessel; Juggling Math; A Strong Beginning; Body Snatchers; Bee in the Bonnet
11/22/2004 Anatomy of an Old Time; Intel's ;Bad News; Shakeout
11/18/2004 Vestiges of Jesse Livermore
11/15/2004 Patting Yourself on the Back
11/08/2004 Father Random
11/03/2004 Revulsion
11/03/2004 Election Day Study (with Duncan Coker)
11/02/2004 Frequency of First Digits
11/01/2004 Dolphin Diner
10/28/2004 Nelson Strategy
10/28/2004 Market to Rossini: You Can Get Up Now
10/28/2004 A New Idee
10/27/2004 The Soros Compound
10/26/2004 The Hippocratic Oath
10/26/2004 Blue Market: ""I Expect the Market Will be Way above 1100 by Christmas"
10/22/2004 Casanova
10/20/2004 The Physics of the Inclined Plane
10/20/2004 3Q Earnings: Perception and Propaganda
10/20/2004 Take Out the Canes
10/17/2004 Trading Lessons From L'Amour's Hondo
10/13/2004 Metals Meltdown
10/13/2004 Lobagola Redux
10/12/2004 "This Isn't Squash"
10/09/2004 Magic Squares
10/06/2004 Update on the Fed Model
09/24/2004 Signal, Shoulder, Mirror
09/24/2004 Trees and The Axiom of Uniform Stress
09/22/2004 Corn: A Dangerous Commodity to Nibble On
09/22/2004: Thoughts on Buy and Hold
09/19/2004: The Oldest Profession
09/16/2004: A Conversation With a Great Man
09/15/2004: The Joys of Trend Following
08/21/2004: The Normal Variation
08/10/2004: Quote of the Day Supply and demand vs. oil prices
08/07/2004: Flagition and Friday
08/05/2004: One Notes... Interesting examples of convergence.
08/03/2004: No one asked me but... Victor answers 12 questions that nobody asked.
08/02/2004: The Creative Power of Enterprise An uplifting exercise.
08/02/2004: Trendists versus Reversalists Who is really making the money and why.
07/30/2004: The Rain in Siberia... ...falls mainly after the crop has been harvested.
07/29/2004: The Myth Thread The Power of Myth
07/28/2004: 12 Thoughts Sparked by the Euro near 1.20.
07/28/2004: Review of Delovely.
07/20/2004: A Contest of Extremes. Contest with a $500 reward.
07/20/2004: The Rhythms of the News. Musings on those with fixed beliefs.
07/20/2004: An Interesting Dance. Moby Dick and the Markets
07/16/2004: A Happy Thought. "everythinggggs uppa xcept my widdlaaar"
06/29/2004: Deception in Retail Comps. Tips from a master of the retail trade over lunch at the Century Club.
06/28/2004: The Tower of Hanoi. Difference equations.
06/23/2004: The Darwinian Speculator: A collection of comments from the Chairman and other Specs.
06/22/2004: Summertime in the Market. Changes in the market ecology relating to the public's contributions to the infrastructure.
06/22/2004: Shorting Berkshire
06/15/2004: Film Review: "Broadway: The Golden Age"
06/15/2004: Herd Behavior in the S&Ps.
06/11/2004: A Word on Jobs. With comment by Donald Boudreaux, George Mason University.
06/09/2004: Racquet Sports and the Market
06/09/2004: Market Sins
06/09/2004: Movements and Comovements
06/08/2004: Academic Arbitrageurs
06/04/2004 The Cobweb Theorem. A True Application and Precursor of "Reflexivity"
06/04/2004 Lessons in Bargaining. Stalking horses, substitution, bright colors, simplicity.
05/31/2004: The Specs in Vegas. Deception, roulette.
05/31/2004: Price as Rationer. Economic principles.
04/26/2004: Variability. The central concept in statistics, with comment by Steve Stigler.
04/26/2004: Seasonality Redux. Changing cycles and day-of-week anomalies, with comment by Philip J. McDonnell
04/23/2004: Stock Tradin'. A typical day in the market seen in the light of Ben Green's Horse Tradin', a book we cannot recommend enough to Speculators in any market. With Laurel Kenner
04/13/2004: Never Lose on Two Different Sides in One Day. Strategy.
04/13/2004: Promotions. Pretenders.
04/06/2004: Resilience. A letter from an EdSpec reader inspires an exchange on losses.
01/05/2004: Economics of Location. Vic explores the subject quantitatively after a trip to Istanbul.

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